Our InvestorMatch program can provide real estate investors with direct access to financing at prime quality rates for 1–4 family unit properties.

Why Choose InvestorMatch?

InvestorMatch is a program owned by credit unions for credit union members and MBFS has the expertise required in this unique market.

You Aren’t A Credit Union Member Yet?

No problem, we will match borrowers with one or more of our community-based lenders. InvestorMatch is designed to bridge the gap between the creditworthy borrowers that do not meet the secondary market requirements of most mortgage lenders.

Interested in Becoming a Referral Source?

Real estate agents, mortgage bankers, and loan brokers are all eligible to receive referral fees for these non-RESPA loans. Our program is designed for your creditworthy clients who may not be eligible for traditional financing of residential investment properties.

Loan Parameters


LLCs, Partnerships, or Corporation


Property located in Baltimore, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or Washington DC MSAs


5-year fixed rate

Loan Term

15 years


Up to 25 years





Personal Guaranty Required

Get Started Today

Borrowers and referral sources can speak with MBFS about loans directly and referral fee opportunities by calling 866-354-7151, Option 2 or email info@mbfs.org.